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Your Guide to Slot Streaming — And Those Who Do It Best

You can now watch live streams of everything from people baking cakes to animals wandering around in a safari park, so it was only a matter of time before we were able to watch live streams of people playing online slot games.

Author: Manyspins Published: February 8, 2021 Last update: July 15, 2022

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This new online trend sees slot streamers inviting viewers to watch their gameplay live across various video platforms—and often making lots of money in the process.

What Exactly is a Slot Streamer?

Casino streaming started to gain traction back in 2015 when the most popular game to watch was poker. Today, casino streamers are a big deal with many casinos using it as a platform for promoting their brands.
Given that online slots are one of the quickest and most entertaining casino games, it’s no surprise that slot streaming is gaining traction too, with viewers watching online as gamblers take on the most popular slots at online casinos.
Viewers are attracted by the possibility of being able to interact with the streamer, ask questions about the game, enjoy the thrill of high stakes bets, and celebrate the wins. The biggest slot streaming channels now boast subscriber numbers in the six figures.

Most slot streamers stream their games on YouTube or Twitch. However, the former has been known to ban and remove the channels of some YouTube slot streamers while slot streamers based in the UK are now no longer allowed to stream on Twitch due to a set of rules implemented by the Gambling Commission in 2020—a response to a concern that streamers might not be projecting an image of safe gambling. However, some have argued that slot streaming is actually helping people with gambling addictions by allowing them to enjoy the excitement of playing online slots vicariously.
The most popular Twitch online slot streamers generally bet higher than average—often tens of thousands—and appear unfazed by the high stakes of their games. After all, this makes for better content and therefore more subscribers and followers. Slot streamers can then make more money via ads and affiliate marketing in the same way as Instagram influencers do.

The Most Popular Slot Streamers



An incredibly popular slot streamer with over 380,000 followers on Twitch and an extravagant personality, whose high-risk bets have led to some accusing him of playing with fake money.


LetsGiveItASpin’s Kim Hultman used to be a professional poker player and also founded CasinoGrounds, an online streaming community. His stream is incredibly professional and his in-depth knowledge of online casinos also makes his channel great viewing.


Hailing from Scandinavia, this group of three slot streamers—who also happen to be brothers—run live streams every day, often playing for vast sums of money. Once accused of using ‘fake money’, they now reveal their deposit and withdrawal history to help build trust.


This Malta-based group of seven casino streamers started in 2019, making them fairly new on the scene. However, they are already racking up viewer hours with an average of 5,000-7,000 viewers per stream.


Bidule is a big name in the French casino streaming world, although he is actually based in Malta. He streams table games and live dealer games as well as slot games on his channel.


Based in Birmingham, James—or Jimbo—tends to pre-record gameplay and then upload it, although he also does live broadcasts on Twitch. He once won over £40,000 from a £7.20 bet.

The Bandit

One of the world’s biggest slot streamers, The Bandit pre-records his high-stakes sessions before uploading them to YouTube and is somewhat of a megastar in the online gambling industry.

A Word of Caution: Watching Out for Fake Streamers

Fake streaming is when players use casino funds found in demos and pretend it’s their own bankroll. Fake casino streamers are highly frowned upon within the streaming community and streamers risk their reputation by faking the gameplay in this way.