Penny Slots Online.

There are some who head to an online casino for one reason and one reason only: to play slots for the highest stakes possible. There are others though who are the complete opposite, as they look to spend only a little money, but still get the excitement of playing real money online slot machines.

Those who are looking to spend less money should consider playing penny slot machines, which are found at loads of real money online casinos, including a large number of the ones we recommend right here on this site. The reason for this is simple: real money penny slots can be played for a tiny amount of money, but still offer an incredibly exciting and enjoyable experience.

On this page, we’re going to look at real money penny slots. You’ll find out what penny slots are exactly, why they’re so popular and what some of the best penny slots with the best odds are in 2021. So, if you’re looking for an affordable way to play online casino games, check out the rest of this page on penny casino slots!

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What Are Penny Slots?

Strictly speaking, a penny slot is any slot machine that can be played for just a penny. This means that the slot will have to have only one active payline, which has just one single penny riding on it. Sometimes, a slot is also called a penny slot if just the cost per payline is a penny. The fact that many machines have multiple paylines can mean that the overall bet is much higher though. For example, a penny slot with 25 paylines active will usually have a minimum bet of 25p, which works out to a penny per payline.

If you are wondering on how to win, online penny slots generally work in exactly the same way as other video slots. You select your bet and, if allowed, choose your number of paylines. You then start the reels spinning and wait to see if you can win a cash prize. To do so, you will usually have to get a certain number of symbols lined up on a payline. You then repeat the process again and again, hoping to win the jackpot on one of your spins of the reels.

Offered prizes

Those playing for just a penny per payline will find that the prizes available to them are usually considerably smaller than those offered to players spinning the reels for higher stakes. Most slots pay a multiple of your payline bet as a prize. So, if a jackpot is 5,000x your payline bet, those playing for a penny will win £50, while those playing for £1 a payline will win a far more impressive £5,000. So, while playing for a penny lowers the risk, it also lowers the potential reward as well.

Some progressive slots offer those playing for a penny the chance to win the same huge progressive prizes as other players though. This means that for just a penny you could win millions. There is a catch though: progressive slots weight the chances of winning a progressive prize in favour of those betting more. Therefore, those betting higher amounts have better odds of winning the progressive jackpot. This won’t stop many real money penny slots players from trying to win a massive progressive prize though!

If you do manage to win a prize playing a penny slot machine, you’ll find that the sum is added to your casino account automatically. You can then choose to use the winnings to continue playing, or withdraw them, providing any wagering requirements have been met.

Playing Penny Slots with Casino Bonuses

If you’re looking to make playing penny slots even more affordable, you should play them using bonus money. You could claim a no deposit bonus of £5, for example, which you could then use to spin the reels of a real money penny slot. If you’re playing for just one penny every spin, this means that you’ll be able to spin the reels 500 times – all without having to risk any of your own hard-earned cash!

Other bonuses can also be used to play penny slots as well, such as deposit bonuses. These add an extra percentage onto any deposit you make and can be worth hundreds of pounds. This means a deposit bonus could allow you to play real money penny slot machines for days, without ever having to switch over to using the real money in your casino account.

There is, however, a disadvantage to using a bonus to play penny slots. Nearly all bonuses have wagering requirements, which must be met before you can withdraw. These can mean that you have to wager hundreds of pounds before just a few pounds can be withdrawn. As you can imagine, reaching the wagering requirements while playing for a penny at a time will be a time consuming and often virtually impossible process. Therefore, it often makes sense to up your bets after a decent win, so you have an easier task meeting the wagering requirements.

The Best Penny Slots Found Online

Now you know exactly what penny slots are, you might be wondering what some of the best penny slots online are. That’s why we’ve created a list of five of the best penny slots to play below. We’re using the strict definition of penny slots, so have only included slots that can have just one payline, which is played for a single penny.

Rainbow Riches

This famous slot machine from Barcrest can be played as a penny slot – you just need to reduce the number of paylines to the minimum. It’s a really simple slot but still manages to offer two bonus games, plus the jackpot is really impressive.


As with Rainbow Riches, you’ll need to reduce the active paylines to one in order to play Thunderstruck as a penny slot. It might not have the best graphics, but it’s regarded as one of the best slots ever, offering big prizes and loads of excitement.

Gold Factory

This is a superb penny slot machine from Microgaming, based on the ever-popular theme of gold. The graphics are fantastic, which really adds to the excitement, plus there’s a superb bonus game.

Boom Brothers

This slot from NetEnt is definitely one of the real money penny slot machines that everyone should try. Based on robots, the game looks stunning, as you’d expect from a NetEnt slot, plus the prizes are impressive, even when playing for a penny.

Couch Potato

The final game on this list only has a single payline, plus it also doesn’t have any bonuses. The only feature is a wild symbol with a multiplier. Some might find the game boring, however it will be just what some others are looking for.
There are, of course, many other slots that can be played for just a penny. To find the best of them, we’d advise you to head to one of our recommended casinos and simply look through their portfolio. Alternatively, check out our many online slot reviews to find some of the best penny slots around.

Can Penny Slots Be Played for Free?

Yes, you can certainly play penny slots for free, as you can with most other types of slots. There are two different ways to play free penny slot machines online, and the first is to do so right here on this site. You simply need to read through some of our slot reviews to find the penny slot you like the look of best, and then load the game in your browser. It costs nothing to play, plus there’s no need to sign up for anything. If you like the slot, you can then head off to a casino and play it for real money.

Your other option is to head to an online casino straightaway and sign up. You’ll then be able to play nearly all their slots for free, without even having to deposit. Doing it this way makes it incredibly easy to switch to real money if you find that you really enjoy playing the slot in question.

Start Playing Today

If you’re a player who prefers to place smaller bets on slots, penny slots could well be the perfect option for you. They provide the cheapest way to play for real money and still have the chance of winning a prize. Sure, the prize might not be huge, but this won’t stop most penny slot players from still enjoying the game being played massively.

As already mentioned, we’ve reviewed some of the best penny slots right here on this site. Why not head to our reviews section today and find the best penny slot machines to play online?