About us.

ManySpins dedicates itself to create a site that offers you everything you need. From online slot machines games to try out, the detailed descriptions of those slots, to writing guides on how to improve your playing experience online, we exist to provide a complete resource for your needs.

“To provide a comprehensive selection of the best online slot machines for free.”

At ManySpins, our number one goal is clear: to provide you with a comprehensive selection of the best online slot machines for free. We feature the best slots to have ever been released. On top of that, we are constantly adding the newest and most exciting slots to our library of slot machine games.

Why we exist.

ManySpins exist to be the most user-friendly platform and offer what is needed, when needed. Slot machine websites tend to cram as much information in one place. This is often overwhelming and distracting. We believe that this can be better, and that is why ManySpins is designed with the player coming first.

We work to offer all the information relevant to your needs. You can find reviews, statistics, big win videos, and payout information. Our differentiator is in creating the best user experience to navigate through.

We want to be the go to place for everything slot machine related.

Our Principles.

At ManySpins we focus on the players, and it is the players who we prioritise when we create. Because we want to be the go to place for everything about slots, we stand by 3 principles to ensure that we create the best environment for the players.


What we write and say is our opinion and our own only. We refuse to be persuaded to say anything that could be dishonest to our viewers.

For the Players

We challenge ourselves to create the best browsing experience and valuable content for our viewers.


Whether it’s information about a slot, a casino, or guide, we make sure we cover all the details for you to find it when you need it.

Responsible Gambing

For most, playing at a casino is a fun, sociable and memorable way to spend time. ManySpins supports safe and responsible gambling. We put our efforts in ensuring that only licensed casinos and games are featured on this website.

Play Responsibly

Gambling is often misunderstood as a way to make money. This often leads to the trap of spending more than one can afford to lose, but it can also be a way to distract one’s self from their everyday problems.

Get Help

If the impulse to play is overpowering, it may be time to understand gambling problems. Gambling problems bring in negative impacts to mental health. If you or someone needs help, talk to someone here.