High Paying Casinos.

One of the best things in life is being able to find extra value. Whether it’s getting a great deal on a car, a cruise or anything off Amazon, it’s a fantastic feeling when you know you’ve paid less or got more for your money than others have.

And you’ll get that feeling whenever you play at these casinos and on these games. On a more regular basis too. We’ve done all the research and found that these casinos have the best rates, so not only will you be the best payout slots, but you’ll also be getting the best casino payouts too.

What exactly is payout rate?

The payout rate is not a theoretical or mathematical calculation but rather the actual amount a casino pays out to its players in comparison to the funds it has received. In effect, a casino’s payout rate is a comparison of money in versus money out. They are not advertised on the best casino casinos that payout, or indeed any casino website, so you need to consider various factors.

What to look for in a high paying casino

  • License: You can have all the best rates in the world, but if the license isn’t there or isn’t legitimate, that will only spell trouble. There are different licenses depending on what region is being covered. So the best paying online casino slots UK will have the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, while others may be covered by others such as Curacao, Malta Gaming Authority or the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.
  • Third party testing agencies: Independent agencies use a mix of mathmeticians and digital engineers to test games and their software to ensure they meet specific requirements. The most recognised is eCOGRA, but Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), Technical Systems Testing (TST) and iTech Labs all have impressive reputations.
  • Welcome Bonus: There are so many amazing welcome offers, you need to look for the one that most appeals to you. There is great value to be had if it’s a Deposit or No Deposit Bonus, with each having different benefits. You can win a big amount on Deposit Bonuses as your money will be matched to a higher percentage while No Deposit Bonuses will be free but come with higher wagering restrictions. When looking out for the finest casino payouts, consider the number of wagering requirements, if there is a cash prize, the maximum you can win and the quality of games you can play your Free Spins on.
  • Payment options: The best casino for payouts will always have a wide array of payment options. That includes debit and credit cards, as well as all the major e-wallets such as Paypal, Neteller and Skrill. Other payment forms worth noting are EcoPayz, Revolut, Paysafecard and bank transfer. The highest paying online casinos will all differ in their rates and how many payment options they accept so check which one works best for you, especially when it comes to deposits and bonuses.
  • Wide range of games: The best online casinos that payout will have a high amount of slots above the industry average of 96%, as well as a range of slots that have a mix of high, medium and low level volatility. It’s also worth looking at if they have table games, as they offer different casino payouts.

Why do online casinos have better payout rates than regular casinos?

  • Easier to have more slots: No matter how big land-based casinos are, and there are some mega-sized ones in different parts around the world, they are still limited by space. The best paying online casinos don’t have that issue. That’s why they can have a huge number of slots, as well as making them more competitively priced for you. And the same applies with table games like Blackjack and Poker.
  • More online competition: The best payout casinos know that there are tonnes of other online casinos just waiting to try and grab your attention, so they know they have to offer the best payout rates or you will look elsewhere. That goes for signing up as well as their payout rate of the most popular slots.
  • Highest paying online casinos can offer French Roulette: With table games, most land-based casinos will offer the same as online casinos with the best payouts. However, in Roulette there can be big differences between odds. The odds of landing on a single number in European Roulette are 2.70, whereas in American Roulette (double zero) they are 2.60. That’s why land-casinos won’t always offer French Roulette as they prefer games with longer odds.

What are the best online casino payout games?

  • Blackjack In this intriguing game where 21 really is the magic number, be sure to check before playing what the payout rate is, as it should be 99.54%. If the average is not listed, you are better off with the 3:2 payout ratio rather than the 6:5. Most land-based casinos use 6:5 but the best online casino payouts for players use 3:2 as the player gets better value.
  • Baccarat: Unlike quite a few of the table games, Baccarat has few variations, with the only outcomes being Bank, Player, or Tie. That makes calculations of 98.99% rather straightforward. It’s known as the casino game with the lowest house edge as the Banker only has 1.06%, with the player having a house edge of 1.26%. On average, it is estimated that the banker wins around 50.68% of the non-tie bets, whereas players win 49.32%.
  • Craps: A game that involves you betting on the outcome of a pair of dice has far more strategy than you might imagine so a fixed RTP is tricky to calculate but estimates are calculated at 98.64%. ‘Pass bets’ have payout odds of 1:1 meaning you can double your money, with the house edge only being 1.41%.
  • Roulette: As there are 38 number in Roulette, the best odds are 37-1, but as there is house edge, it equates to 35-1. Although the same potential payout in each, there is a slight difference in the odds between American (94.74%), European (97.30%) and French Roulette (98.65%).
  • Sic Bo: Similar to Craps in terms of using dice, but less strategic as every bet results in a win or loss whereas Craps can need more rolls before a bet is decided. Sic Bo has a payout average of 97.22%, making it one of the more rewarding, as well as one of the more instant, casino games.
  • Casino Poker: Just as there are various forms of Poker, like with Hold’em and Caribbean Stud, so there are various forms you can play it in more than one format; either video or Live Gaming. Video Poker may be less fun but it still has a reasonable average 95-97%.
  • Keno and online scratchcards: These both have a very low payout rate, with hits only coming through frequent use. That’s why although fun and fast, they aren’t as financially rewarding as others on this list.

What are the best games at the Live Casino providers?

  • Evolution Gaming has Infinite Blackjack at 99.47% and Poker at 99.47%,
  • Playtech has Quantum Blackjack at 99.47%
  • NetEnt has Blitz Blackjack at 99.5%.

What are the slots with the highest payouts?

Here at ManySpins we have nearly 1,000 slots. Here are our top 10