Since 2015, the LetsGiveItASpin channel has been part of the group of streamers known as Casino Grounds. LetsGiveItASpin is a Swedish poker professional, Kim Hutman, and he is considered one of the real veterans of the gambling industry. When it comes to the casino world, Kim knows his stuff, but his easy-going nature has made him one of the most popular names in the casino streamer landscape. Whether he’s online or at tournaments in the real world, LetsGiveItASpin is about as big as they come in the casino streaming niche.

Let’s find out a little bit more about what makes Kim such a unique streamer.

The Swedish Poker Professional

Kim Hultman, known in the industry as LetsGiveItASpin, was born in a small Swedish town called Smålandsstenar. Before becoming known for his slots playing and wild bets, he was more famous for his professional poker playing skills. Moving into the casino streamer world was a natural progression, and he’s been making online casino live stream content since November 2015. That’s a lot of content! After a slow start, his popularity exploded, and he currently has over 70,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. That popularity extends to Twitch as well, where he has an impressive 57.1k followers.

What is LetsGiveItASpin Like to Watch?

There are a few reasons why Kim is such a popular casino streamer. The first is his sense of humor. He’s also remarkably honest and open about his life, meaning that fans get to know what’s going on with him. It’s not all about his large bets either. As he streams, Kim regularly chats about his favorite foods, his thoughts on politics, and everything else that comes to mind. As one of the more public personas in casino streaming, Kim brings a freshness and a sense of humor that thousands of fans across all social media platforms love. Now, those fans can even head to the LetsGiveItASpin website, where they can buy LetsGiveItASpin merchandise!

The LetsGiveItASpin Persona

Not only is LetsGiveItASpin endlessly entertaining to watch and listen to, but he’s also very generous with his time. For fans that have questions about the world of casino streaming or gaming in general, Kim is always ready to spend time giving really in-depth answers. However, one of the other reasons why Kim is so popular is down to the size of his bets. His standard bet size is around $10, which is a lot for a single spin! That makes his wins even bigger, and he has some incredibly entertaining online casino live stream videos to watch where he wins thousands of dollars on a single spin.

The Biggest Win

The highlight of LetsGiveItASpin’s casino streaming career was the 2019 win while playing Razor Shark. Those high stakes that Kim is known for paid off with a $23,000 win and the shock and delight of that win certainly won the player some new subscribers!

Kim Hutman is known as one of the nicest people in the casino streamer world, so it’s very satisfying to see his skill, compassion, and all-around positive personality being so appreciated by loyal legions of casino streaming fans.

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