ClassyBeef is not a casino streamer; it is an iGaming company that launched an online casino live stream. The team went from strength to strength, and while they continue to be one of the biggest casino streamer channels in the world, they have diversified quite a lot. If you’ve even dipped a toe into the world of casino streaming, then you will have heard of ClassyBeef. Originally four members but now seven, ClassyBeef continues to dominate the online casino stream industry, with their smart playing style, professional approach, and dedication to providing the best in entertainment value.

A 2018 Launch
ClassyBeef started streaming their casino content in 2018, when the team consisted only of Espen, Marko, Nando, and Joe. They quickly grew, and their rise to the top of the casino streamer ranks was astronomical. Based in Malta, the ClassyBeef team sticks largely to slots, and they commit to a live stream six days a week. They put in a lot of work, and it’s hard to deny that their work effort has paid off in more ways than one.

The Professional Streamers
The original ClassyBeef team met at work, where they quickly discovered that they were all fans of gaming. Although they are now based in Malta, all of the original ClassyBeef members are Nordic. They refer to themselves as warriors fighting to destigmatize the gambling sector. They do this with infectious glee too, but they remain relatable, responsible, and fun to watch. Fans of the ClassyBeef channel on Twitch join in with conversations a lot, and the team has a wide range of content on offer. They often play new releases on launch days and then spend hours discussing each game’s pros and cons. Their experience means that they bring a lot of industry insights to their streams too. When they’re not streaming their slot games, the members of ClassyBeef spend their time go-karting and sampling the best cuts of beef they can find (hence the name!).

The Move to Twitch
Although ClassyBeef started to stream their casino playing in 2018, it was in 2019 that they started growing a lot faster. That’s because 2019 was the year that they refocused on Twitch. They are the fastest-growing gambling channel on the platform, with well over 133k followers, and the second most viewed online casino live stream channel in the world. Their goal of making tangible changes to the iGaming industry seems perfectly doable for this team of driven casino streamers. However, they have changed as they’ve grown. Their early streams were very goofy and fun, but they are now a lot serious and mature. They’re also incredibly informative, and that’s one of the top reasons why they remain one of the biggest names in casino streaming.

Biggest ClassyBeef Wins
The ClassyBeef team has won some huge prizes over the years. There was the €46,000 win on Punk Rocker, the €25,000 win on The Dog House, and the famous €81,000 win on Dead or Alive 2. There have been some big losses too, but that’s just another reason why the ClassyBeef team is so enjoyable to watch.

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