A relatively young casino streamer, markoLASSO was born in Sweden but currently lives in Malta. He was previously a member of the famous ClassyBeef family but has since gone his own way and found a lot of success. He even has his own merch store where you can buy markoLASSO branded clothes and accessories. It’s clear that markoLASSO used his time with ClassyBeef to learn as much as possible about the online casino live stream world and continues to use his knowledge correctly: that is, to help others play the best games.

If you’re new to online casino streaming, markoLASSO is one of the perfect introductions.

An Information Goldmine
Although he’s considered a newcomer still, markoLASSO has played live casino slot games for years. One of the reasons he’s such a popular slots streamer is that he doesn’t keep that knowledge. His viewers get access to very intelligent insights into the games that he’s streaming, and his complete lack of arrogance is refreshing in such an often-hectic crowd. He’s fantastic at making his viewers and subscribers feel extremely comfortable. Using stories about his life to keep his audience entertained, markoLASSO also manages to retain an air of mystery that his fans love.

What Makes markoLASSO so Popular?
When it comes to a good sense of humor, it’s hard to beat markoLASSO. The streamer is almost unfathomably funny, but he never punches down. Instead, he’s self-deprecating while staying as informative and kind as possible. This is obvious when you look at his replies to every single message in chat. His years of experience playing different online casino live stream games means that he has a wealth of knowledge to share, and he’s more than happy to do so. Fans that want to know a little more about his life can even check out his Instagram, where he’s a lot more open than many other streamers.

From Free Streamer to Success
There’s no disputing that markoLASSO has earned his success as a casino streamer. Starting out as a free local streamer, then to ClassyBeef, and then solo, he has put in the hours and the effort to get where he is today. The high quality of his videos helps a lot, but his friendliness makes viewers come back for more. Not only is he easy-going, but he’s certain to make you laugh, even when he’s losing! One aspect of markoLASSO that you don’t see in many other casino slot streamers is that he knows when to stop.

The Biggest markoLASSO Win
Everyone loves a big win and markoLASSO is no exception. He’s been chasing them for years, but his biggest was on the release date of Reactoonz 2. On the day of that slot’s launch, markoLASSO managed an impressive €21,083 on a bet of €20. It’s not his only big win, but it’s certainly the one that helped turn markoLASSO into one of the biggest and most popular live casino streamers in the world.

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Big wins of markoLASSO.