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Spelers uit Nederland zijn welkom! Welcomes players from Canada Welcomes players from New Zealand Welcomes players from everywhere
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Treasures unlimited buried in this or the other tropical island is the overriding theme of the Treasure Island slot by Quickspin. This slot appears to borrow a lot from the world-famous book by Robert Louis Stevenson, has a selection of bonuses, catchy graphics, and gameplay mechanics that are riveting as watching a parrot singing songs about dead men chests full of riches that could make kings incoherent for days!


Like every other slot we have come across, this Quickspin creation can be played for free. Playing free Treasure Island slots makes a ton of sense in a ton of ways. People who are new to the online slot world can play the free demo mode of this slot to find out what goes where and what the gameplay buttons do. Others who are more experienced can opt to play free Treasure Island slots just because they feel like and want to see what spots the gameplay experience hits. Should it hit the right spot, they can then do the right thing and play this online slot machine with real money and get access to real money wins. 


Worth noting is that the free demo mode of this slot is identical to the paid version, with the only difference between the two being that the free mode is played with pretend money. Players who play both the free and paid versions of this online slot are subject to the same gameplay rules and bonuses and share an otherwise identical gameplay experience. Are you up for the free mode or does the paid version have the potential to make your heart beat faster than a pirate burying all the treasures in the world in the middle of Manhattan? Then play now and see what you can do on screen!


The Treasure Island slot is available online and ready for whatever players can throw at it! Anyone with a working smartphone, desktop, or tablet can play Treasure Island slots online and at any time of the day or night. Play from morning till evening, or from one weekend to the other, and have fun on a treasure island of your own making! Access to this slot requires having an active online casino account. As this online slot is accessible on a bewildering array of online casinos, players of all stripes can easily register at any of these online casinos, get sign-on bonuses and play the Treasure Island slot like a real pirate in search of extraordinary adventure! 

Yo! Better suit up and get piratical now while the going is good!

Treasure Island Slot Review.

Tales and games about pirates and treasures never get old and Quickspin is set to exploit that to the fullest! Their Treasure Island slot is based on the eponymous book and movies of the same name, with the theme revolving around pirates, treasures, adventure, and hardcore fun, and not necessarily in that order!

Visually, the graphics are excellent for the purpose, though mainly cartoonish. The setting seems to be a tropical cove and the icons on show appear to have been borrowed from the book by Stevenson himself. These icons include characters like John Silver, Jim Hawkins, and Captain Flint. There are also playing card values and a lady pirate, while the audio consists of trumpet blasts, cannon fire, and water splashes. Overall, everything here is as authentic as properly aged scotch!

Bonus-wise, this slot has enough of that to make any group of pirates so happy they could retire and focus on spinning the reels for the rest of their scurvy lives! Bonuses include a Treasure Hunt, Free Spins, Pirate Attack, and Island Hop Bonus, all of which offer a wide variety of fun and action in the correct proportion that this Treasure Island slot review team likes them!

Overall, Treasure Island has captivating graphics that are however not as colorful as more modern slots, with the audio effects being worth applauding. The bonuses are wide and varied and the fun to be gained here is immeasurable. While pirate-themed slots are nothing new, Treasure Island from Quickspin does it better than most others, so far as this Treasure Island slot machine review team is concerned at least!

Big wins Treasure Island.

How To Play & How To Win.

With palm trees flanking the reels and an over-abundance of pirate icons on show, the Treasure Island slot machine is enough to make a fella set sail and go pirating! Do that though and the feds will be on you faster than you can whistle a bar of Yankee Doodle Dandy!

Those who want to know how to play Treasure Island jackpot slots will find it a rather easy slot to set up and play. Just below the reels are all the necessary gameplay buttons players will ever need and finding which button does what takes no effort at all. To begin play, the size of the bet should be first determined, then the Spin button can be depressed. With an Autoplay mode supported here, setting up a virtually unlimited number of spins is too easy for words.

In the area of bonuses, this slot has several, with each being more attractive than the next. The first of these Treasure Island jackpot bonus is activated when at least a couple of wilds end up on the screen. This will be all the motivation that a pirate ship will need to sail in and fire its cannons on the reels. Better duck the fusillade or your head might be rolling on your shoulder! Now, the cannonballs the ship fires on the reels change into wilds once they land. Should these cannonball icons hit a wild icon that is already on the reels, extra wilds will be added on the reels in a rather explosive fashion.

Another Treasure Island bonus game is activated when players land a trio and up of the scatter icons. Once triggered, players have to play a pick-and-win game, with the prizes being free spins, cash awards, or access to the Treasure Hunt bonus game. If the free spins bonus game is picked, players need to first play the Island Hop Bonus. The Island Hop Bonus is another pick-and-win game where players get access to extra free spins and wilds, plus super wilds or locked barrel wilds, with the latter getting stuck in place for the duration of the free spins bonus. This bonus makes for some wild times, especially considering that the pirate ship can show up again and blast everything in view.

Sweet things happen if the Treasure Hunt bonus is picked! Here, players get shown a treasure map. They then have to pick from marked spots on the map and hope to win something worthwhile. However, the biggest bonuses in this slot are in the Island Hop Bonus, so players who want to know how to win on Treasure Island slot need to keep that in mind.

Treasure Island Slot RTP.

The Treasure Island RTP is 97%. This equates to an above-average return-to-player.

While the Treasure Island RTP is commendable, players should not focus solely on it and should instead let other facts of this online slot guide their decision to play or not play it.

Statistics & Features.

Below are all the important statistics and features of the Treasure Island slot machine that players would greatly benefit from knowing:

features details
Name slot Treasure Island
Provider Quickspin
Released October 2013
RTP 97%
Volatility High
Maximum payout 5000x
Jackpot(s) No
Free spins Yes
Bonus rounds Yes
Minimum bet 0.2
Maximum bet 20

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