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Spelers uit Nederland zijn welkom! Welcomes players from Canada Welcomes players from New Zealand Welcomes players from everywhere
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Play Fruit Warp Slots Online For Free.

Most slots from the stables of Thunderkick pack quite a kick and make for rad gameplay experiences and the Fruit Warp slot certainly seems able to maintain and even polish up that heritage. This slot machine is unique in more ways than one, seeing as it lacks reels, paylines, and some other features normally found in online slots. Playing it is a delish endeavor, however, and the fun comes fast-paced enough to trigger deep whoops of both pleasure and enthusiasm.

Regardless of their tastes, bettors are highly likely to like the Fruit Warp slot machine and will want to play it till the sun stands still in the sky! All can play Fruit Warp slot online and on the widest possible variety of devices. Indeed, so long as a device can connect to the internet, it is fully capable of playing the Fruit Warp slot online and offering up the lushest eye-candy on five continents!

Free Fruit Warp slots are available to all, while those who are fully confident of their skills and abilities can try out the paid version of the game. The free version of this online slot comes in useful for those who simply want to experience everything that Thunderkick loaded their unusual creation with, from the rich graphics to the bonuses, and for free.

The paid version is for those who want to play with real money and hope to win real money they can boast about to their friends. Either slot version works just fine and delivers a solid jolt of adrenaline to the body system!

Fruit Warp Slot Review.

Here in this Fruit Warp slot machine review, we will briefly cover varied themes like the graphics, bonuses, and gameplay dynamics. This will enable players to know a little bit about what they are getting into here.

To start with, this slot has a respectable array of customization options. These for example allow players to tweak the audio or turn it off altogether. Players can also dive into the Settings menu to tweak the gameplay speed, turn off the intro and trigger spins with the space bar if they are playing on a desktop. An Autoplay mode is supported here and can be set to play up to 5,000 spins, which is astounding.

To be honest, the Fruit Warp slot machine has more than a passing resemblance to the fruit slot machines of old but is more colorful than these ever were. It features a sweet green background, plus fruit icons like bananas, star fruits, dragon fruits, oranges, grapes, strawberries, and plums. The graphics and icons are solidly rendered and highly pleasing, with the fruits, in particular, looking very much edible.

As this Fruit Warp slot machine lacks even the faintest resemblance of reels, all the icons on show seemingly float in the air. This can be disconcerting, at least it was to most of this Fruit Warp slot review team, who are unused to seeing icons levitating with no magician in sight!

For bonuses, this slot features free spins and multipliers via a Fruit Mode and Warp Meter. There are no jackpot wins here, though this slot machine is rather unique and a more than compelling creation that will be turning heads for a while.

Big wins Fruit Warp Slot.

How To Play & How To Win.

How to play the Fruit Warp jackpot slot is not the sort of thing players should start enquiring of an oracle, because we are here to show you how to make that happen. For starters, players need to be aware that this is a largely unique slot and so the gameplay experience will be slightly different from what they might have been used to. For example, this slot machine lacks reels, with wins being formed whenever a trio of matching icons appear next to each other. To play, players first decide how much they wish to stake per spin and click the Spin button.

The most valuable of the very edible-looking icons featured in the Fruit Warp jackpot slot is the dragon fruit. Thus, players who desire answers on how to win on Fruit Warp slot should perhaps devote themselves to landing as much of these icons as Lady Luck permits, with 9 of these icons on the screen paying out 216x the stake. Other very valuable icons include the star fruit and melon, with these paying 42x and 45x the stake respectively for nine on the screen.

For a simple slot, the Fruit Warp certainly has more than its fair share of bonuses. The first of these is called the Portal Respin. In this bonus game, players who land 4 matching icons will see the winning icons frozen in place, with a respin then taking place. Extra matching icons that pop up on the screen during the awarded respins will enhance winning chances.

Another Fruit Warp bonus is the Fruit Mode. This is activated when 5 or more winning icon combos appear on the screen. These icons will trigger a step up the Warp Meter, with most of the steps on this meter activating dynamic multipliers that boost winning chances.

Players keep on progressing up the meter by landing more and more of the triggering icon. Players can also get access to extra lives, which means they are granted a spin at which the triggering icon need not appear. More, with every winning spin, the dynamic multiplier increases and boosts win.

Fruit Warp Slot RTP.

The Fruit Warp slot RTP is pegged at 97%. This is decidedly above average and should attract more fans who want to gain all they can from this unusual Thunderkick slot.

With an excellent return-to-player ratio, this slot machine is bound to become one of the most popular and unusual looking slots in the market. Thunderkick has by pegging the Fruit Warp slot RTP at 97% made it possible for its creation to better compete with more modern and flashy slots from other game developers. And that is not a bad thing at all!

Statistics & Features.

The following are all the important statistics and features to be found in the Fruit Warp slot machine from Thunderkick:

features details
Name slot Fruit Warp Slot
Provider Thunderkick
Released September,2014
RTP 97.00%
Volatility High
Maximum payout 11000
Jackpot(s) Yes
Free spins Yes
Bonus rounds Yes
Minimum bet 0.1
Maximum bet 100

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