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How to win huge jackpots on slots?

There are many aspects to slot machines, from the themes through to the bonus games, however there’s one that’s more important than the rest: the jackpot.

Author: Manyspins Published: October 2, 2020 Last update: July 14, 2022

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Most people play slots solely for the chance to win a jackpot. This is the maximum prize on offer at the slot and can often be worth thousands – or even millions – of pounds.

There’s nothing that attracts a player to a slot more than the size of the jackpot, which explains why the most successful slots have massive top prizes. The biggest jackpots are found at progressive jackpot slots, as these can have prizes worth millions of pounds.

But what sorts of jackpots will you find at online slot machines, and how can you win the jackpot at online slots? We’ll answer both those questions, as well as many more, on this page, so keep on reading to find out more!

What Are Jackpots?

The first thing to look at is what jackpots are exactly. In a nutshell, they’re the largest win possible from a slot machine. Jackpots are usually exceptionally large, however you’ll find that they’re extremely tough to win.

There are three common ways to win a standard jackpot, and the first is by getting a payline filled with the highest paying symbol. It is also sometimes possible to use a wild symbol to substitute for a jackpot symbol, although at a lot of slots you’ll find that the wild symbol is the jackpot symbol.

The second way to win a jackpot is via a bonus game. For example, the jackpot prize might be selected when you play a picking game. You can see if you can win jackpots on a slot machine using a bonus game by looking at the paytable of the slot you’re playing.

Finally, some slots give jackpots randomly. You could find yourself not winning anything on a spin, before a message then pops up to say you’ve won the prize. This method of awarding a jackpot is most commonly seen at progressive jackpot slot machines. Some other progressive jackpot slots randomly award a jackpot game, giving the player a chance to win the progressive jackpot.

You’ll find that there are two types of jackpots found at online slots: standard and progressive. A standard jackpot is found at the majority of slots and stays at the same level every time you play. The jackpot is expressed as a multiple, meaning that your payline bet or total bet is multiplied by the figure to reveal your prize. So, those betting larger sums will win bigger prizes.

The other type of jackpot is the progressive jackpot. The jackpots at progressive jackpot slots will rise as more and more people play the game, meaning that they can be worth millions of pounds. This jackpot is generally shared by machines across a number of different sites. For example, anyone playing Mega Moolah from any site has the chance to win the same jackpot.

We’ve got a whole page dedicated to jackpots on online slots, so take a read through it if you want to find out more!

How Large Can Slot Machine Jackpot Win Be?

When it comes to the jackpot, online slots all have different top prizes. The jackpots found at standard slots are generally expressed as a multiple. This figure is multiplied by the payline bet at the majority of slots, however some multiply it by the total bet instead. The average slot machine jackpot win at a standard slot is around 5,000x the payline bet.

Progressive jackpot slots can often give considerably higher prizes though, as it’s not uncommon for a progressive slot to have a jackpot worth millions. The world record payout at an online casino came from a progressive slot, with the record prize being over $13 million! This was won by someone in the UK playing Mega Moolah, which is the most popular progressive slot around.

Other progressive slot machines that have seen huge wins in the past include Mega Fortune, Jackpot Giant and Hall of Gods. You’ll be able to try out many of the world’s best progressive jackpot slots for free right here at this site, however you’ll only be able to win real money when you play them at an online casino!

How to Win slots Jackpots

Of course, you are here to learn how to win a jackpot on slot machines. We’ve already looked at what specifically you need to do to win a jackpot slot, but are there any ways you can increase your chances of walking away with the top prize? Well, when it comes to standard slots, there’s nothing you can do. We looked at whether online slots are rigged and in short, regulations prevent casinos from rigging them. The game is based entirely on luck and everyone will have the same chance of winning the jackpot.

There is often a way to boost your chances of winning when playing a progressive jackpot slot though. The progressive jackpot is usually the same for everyone, regardless of their bet size. So, whether you bet $1 or $100, you will still have the chance to win the same prize. Those playing high limit bets have more chance of winning the jackpot though.

Other than that one tip, there’s nothing else that can be done to change your chances of scooping slot machine jackpot wins. If anyone tells you they’re able to teach you how to win jackpots on slot machines, don’t listen, as they’re either misinformed or trying to scam you. We also have another guide if you want to learn how to maximize your returns from playing.

Win a Massive Jackpot Today!

You might think that you’ll never win a jackpot, however they’re won all the time! And now that you know how to win a jackpot on slots, why don’t you take a chance? Every day players win huge sums of money at online slot machines, and some manage to win massive progressive prizes worth millions! Sure, the chances of winning a jackpot are slim, but you’ve got no chance if you don’t even bother to try!

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