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A Guide: How to Maximize Returns on Gambling

We all dream of winning one of the best slots jackpots in the business, and then retiring instantly to a life of endless luxury. In reality this may seem almost impossible, but there are a number of ways you can tip the odds in your favour and maximise slot winning chances.

Author: Manyspins Published: April 5, 2021 Last update: July 14, 2022

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Use the Bonuses on Offer

Our first online casino hack isn’t complicated at all: You simply need to take full advantage of the bonuses offered by online casinos to new players. These come with a variety of terms and conditions, but if you take these on board and work with them it can be easy to take full advantage. Regulations make it ever harder for casinos to hide too much detail in their small print, so it can be surprisingly easy to make wins on some of the best slots without depositing any of your own cash.

Play Games with High RTPs

Secondly, make sure you play the casino games that offer the highest return to player statistic (RTP). Most casinos and slot developers publish these figures, which tell you what you can typically expect to get back over the course of an average session. Anything over 95.50% is a decent return, whilst 97% or more offers excellent value for money.

Find Progressive Jackpot Slots

Another way to find games that offer a high potential payout is to find the progressive jackpot slots. Many online casinos do this for you; alternatively, you can search for them manually. Either way you’ll quickly get to know which ones pay the highest prizes. These games offer life-changing amounts of cash by taking a small percentage of each bet and storing it in a separate prize pot, paying it all out either at random or to anyone who can trigger a special jackpot sequence. Do make sure you qualify, however, as some games only make their progressive jackpot prizes available to players wagering above a minimum level. Check out our guide on playing huge jackpot slots.

Play Low Volatility Slots

Your next consideration when looking at maximising your slot winning chances is volatility. Some slots offer more consistent returns than others, but these are less likely to be games that make you fabulously rich in a single spin. However, if you’re looking at making and consolidating regular above-average returns rather than going out to make a killing with one huge jackpot then you may find low volatility games will maximise your slot winning chances over the longer term.

Control Yourself

More important than anything else, though, is the ability to control your own emotions. Rather than desperately chasing a huge win and refusing to give up when things aren’t going your way, you are likely to benefit by taking a breather once in a while, giving yourself time to regroup and organise your thoughts. Instead of chasing your losses by higher limit waging, you always have the option of thinking rationally and deciding how best to keep playing in line with the maximum amounts you’re prepared to win or lose at any time, and your attitude to risk.

Ignore Winning and Losing Streaks

Finally, if you want to consistently win on the best slots you need to ignore any winning and losing streaks. These may seem like a real phenomenon, but in reality, all outcomes on slot games are about as random as it’s possible to be. If you play enough sessions for long enough it’s statistically inevitable that you’ll sometimes experience a series of wins or a series of losses – but these are in fact naturally occurring sequences and can finish at any time.

Bear in mind all of the above hacks and you’ll have a far better chance of enjoying a long and fruitful slots playing career – so keep your wits about you, remember to take regular breaks, and devise a good strategy.