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The Ultimate Guide to Casino Bonus Codes in 2021

If you’re looking to start playing at online casinos, you really need to understand bonuses and casino bonus codes.

Author: Marino January 15, 2021

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On this guide to casino bonuses, we’ll run you through what a bonus code is, plus we’ll look at the many different types of casino bonus codes 2021 has to offer. You can then head away to an online casino and claim all the bonuses it has to offer! So, keep on reading to find out more…

What is a Casino Bonus Code?

A bonus code is a code that you need to type in when depositing or registering if you want to claim a specific bonus. By typing in the code, you’re signalling to the casino that you want to be included within the bonus, and you will then receive any bonus funds you’re eligible for. If you fail to fill in the code for any reason, you’ll find that you miss out on the bonus.

Casino bonus codes used to be really popular, however nowadays there are many sites that don’t use them. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped offering bonuses. Instead, it just means that they now assume that everyone wants the bonus, so simply hand it out automatically.

It’s really easy to use a casino bonus code. First, find the code – it’s usually advertized pretty clearly by a site, but is sometimes only found in the bonus’ terms and conditions. You then find the box for the code when depositing or registering and tap it in there. You’ll then receive the bonus, either straightaway or when you’ve met the predefined conditions.

If, for some reason, you don’t receive a bonus even after entering the bonus code, you should contact customer support. They should then be able to credit your account with the casino bonus offer.

Why Do Casinos Offer Bonuses?

It might seem strange that casinos offer bonuses. After all, surely giving away free money is a bad business plan, isn’t it? Well, it’s actually a great way for them to operate! This is because the online casino world is an extremely competitive place and persuading new players to join a site is tough. By offering bonuses, casinos give themselves the chance to attract new players. They know that once a player has signed up, they’re likely to use that site for all their casino gambling for the foreseeable future.

What’s more, the money being given out isn’t actually real money – it’s bonus money. The wagering requirements, which are discussed later, mean that most won’t be able to withdraw anything, so the casino loses nothing. Sure, some will be lucky enough to make a withdrawal, but the sum paid out is eclipsed by the amount new players spend on deposits once they’ve used their bonus money.

What Kinds of Casino Bonuses Are There?

There are loads of different types of bonuses found at online casinos. In fact, the sheer range of them can be pretty bamboozling for those new to the world of casinos! Below, you’ll find a quick rundown of the main bonus types, so you’ll know what you’re getting when you sign up with an online gambling site.

Deposit Bonuses

The most popular type of bonus you’ll find at an online casino is a deposit bonus. These will add a certain percentage of bonus money to your deposit. For example, a 200% deposit bonus on a deposit of $100 would see you given $200 in bonus money. So, in total, you’d have $300 to play with.

Bonuses of this type are often used as welcome bonuses for new players at a casino, sometimes in combination with free spins. You’ll also regularly find them in the form of reload bonuses, which are basically deposit bonuses for existing players.

Overall, deposit bonuses generally offer the largest bonuses, however you will also have to risk some of your own money by depositing.

No Deposit Bonuses

Next up, we have no deposit bonuses, which are pretty much as they sound – they give you a bonus without you needing to make any deposit at all. They can come in the form of bonus money, or they can come in the form of free spins. The best thing about them is the fact that you won’t have to risk anything when you claim them.

This free casino bonus is nearly always offered when new players sign up for an account and isn’t usually worth a huge amount. Sometimes no deposit bonuses are automatically applied to an account, while other times you’ll need to input a casino bonus code to claim the bonus.

Bonuses of this type are usually small, however there’s no complaining, as they are completely free to claim!

Free Spins

Free spins are bonuses that allow you to spin the reels of a slot for nothing. They are often bundled in as part of a welcome bonus, alongside a deposit bonus. Free spins are also often offered when a new slot is released, in order to encourage players to try out the game, in the hope that they’ll come back and play it for real money later.

Some free spins can be used to play any slot, while others have to be used on a specific slot. Free spins on Starburst are regularly offered by online casinos looking to attract new players. Always check how much a free spin is worth, as the more a spin is worth, the better the bonus is.


Cashback isn’t seen all that commonly at online casinos, but it’s a great bonus type. Essentially, it rewards those who lose, as it gives a certain percentage of lost money back to the player. So, for example, if you claimed a 10% cashback bonus and lost $100 playing roulette, you would receive $10 back. Sure, you still lost, but the cashback makes it a little easier to take!

There are a couple of things to look out for with cashback bonuses. First, be aware that they often only apply to specific games – check for this, as it will be incredibly frustrating if you play the wrong game and don’t receive any money back. Also, there is nearly always a limit to the amount of cashback they’ll give to you.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

This is a great bonus if you know a few other people interested in playing casino games. Quite simply, encourage them to sign up and make sure they mention you when they do. When they make their first deposit, you will then be given a bonus. Some sites give $50 or more to those who refer their friend to their site.

Loyalty Rewards

Finally, you’ll find that many casinos offer loyalty schemes, and these can lead to some really nice bonuses. You’ll generally collect points as you deposit or as you play, and once you reach a certain number of points, you’ll be given a reward. This can often be bonus funds, enhanced bonus offers or real cash.

Often, a loyalty scheme will also have levels, and the higher the level you reach, the better the perks will be. You could even find yourself becoming a VIP player, which can lead to some huge rewards. You won’t generally need to opt into a loyalty scheme – instead, you’ll be included automatically.

What to Look Out for When Claiming a Casino Bonus Code

You’ll find that nearly all bonuses have terms and conditions attached to them. While these might not be particularly interesting to read, you must take a look through them, as they could hide something extremely important, such as a bonus code! One thing to note is: if the offer is way too good to be true, then stay alert for any red flags. Below, you can see three of the most important things to look for in the terms and conditions of casino bonus offers…

Casino Bonus Codes

Firstly, while rare, you might find casino bonus codes hidden away in the terms and conditions. If you don’t spot this bonus code and fail to use it, you will not get any bonus money. It’s very unlikely that a casino will hide away a bonus code, but you should always check the terms and conditions just in case. If no bonus code is mentioned, then you can be satisfied that no bonus code will be needed in order to claim the bonus.

Wagering Requirements

Nearly all casino bonus offers 2021 has to offer will have wagering requirements attached to them. These are expressed as a multiple and tell you how many times you’ll need to wager the bonus before it, or any money won from it, can be withdrawn.

For example, you might claim a $100 bonus with wagering requirements of 35x the bonus amount. In this case, you would have to make bets totalling $3,500 before you can make a withdrawal. Some bonuses might have a wagering requirement attached to both the bonus and the initial deposit, therefore making the wagering requirement much more difficult to meet, so be aware of this when looking through the terms and conditions.

Winnings Cap

Next up, you’ll find that some casino bonus offers have winnings caps attached to them. This means that you can only win a certain amount using them, and anything else won over this amount will be forfeited. It’s very important to know about this, as it will be hugely disappointing if you win, for example, $200, only to then find that you can only claim $20 of it.

This type of restriction is most commonly found attached to no deposit bonuses, as casinos don’t want you winning too much money without having had to risk anything. It’s also sometimes applied to free spins bonuses and deposit bonuses.

Time Limit

Finally, you should always make sure you know about any time limits attached to a bonus. It is usually the case that you’ll get around a month to use your deposit bonus funds and meet the wagering requirements, however this can change depending on the site you’re playing at. Other bonus types, such as free spins, can have much shorter expiry dates.

Casinos will not remind you when a bonus is about to expire – you’ll simply find that it’s removed from your account, along with any money you’ve won from the bonus. So, you should always know when the expiry date of any bonus you claim is! Now that you know everything about casino bonuses, you can check all our casino bonuses. Not sure which one is best for you? You can try our newest tool “custom bonus” for a FREE tailored offer!