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Online Casino, No Deposit Bonus: How Does it Work?

Many online casinos offer the opportunity to win money with no deposit required! But how exactly is this possible? Well, the answer is simple: no deposit bonuses.

Author: Manyspins Published: September 23, 2020 Last update: November 15, 2021

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Many online casinos offer no deposit bonuses, including the ones we feature here at ManySpins. On this page, we’re going to be looking at this bonus type carefully, so you understand exactly what it is before playing. More importantly, we’ll also tell you where to find free online slot machine bonus codes, as well as how to claim a no deposit bonus.

So, if you’re interested in seeing how to find and use the best no deposit bonus deals for slots, keep on reading!

What Are Online Slots No Deposit Bonuses?

The first thing to look at is what exactly no deposit bonuses are, as we know that many of you reading won’t have seen them before. They essentially do exactly as their name sounds, as they give you a free bonus, without you ever having to make a deposit.

So, while most bonuses add a percentage to your first deposit – meaning that you need to risk some cash in order to get the bonus – no deposit bonuses are given without any risk taken on your part. Just claim the bonus, which we’ll show you how to do later, and then start playing the no deposit bonus slot machines on offer at the casino in question. It really is that simple!

No deposit bonuses are nearly always given as a welcome bonus – existing players will rarely find free money being placed into their account. Most no deposit free bonus offers are reasonably small, however it is occasionally possible to get no deposit bonuses worth in excess of $50. No deposit bonuses might not even come in the form of cash, as instead you could find yourself being given free spins.

How to Claim a No Deposit Bonus

There are a couple of ways to claim online slots no deposit bonuses, but before you do that, you’ll need to find the best no deposit bonuses out there. Luckily, you’re already in the right place, as we offer a selection of online casinos with no deposit bonuses. Just read through the various sites’ reviews and then pick the one that looks best for you. Signing up will only take a couple of minutes, and you’ll then be able to start playing real money slots without spending any of your own money!

But how exactly are the bonuses claimed? Well, one way to claim a no deposit bonus is incredibly simple – you don’t do anything. That’s right: after you’ve signed up with the site and verified your account, free money will be automatically placed into your casino account, ready to be spent on many different slots. It really couldn’t be easier to claim no deposit bonuses of this type!

The other way to claim a no deposit bonus is by using a slots no deposit bonus code. These usually have to be inputted when going through the sign-up process. It’s generally the case that the bonus code is displayed prominently, however in some cases you might have to check out the bonus’ terms and conditions before signing up, just to make sure there’s no bonus code hidden in them.

When it comes to free online slot machine bonus codes, we’ve got you covered. This is because we’ll mention whether a code is needed when we write a casino’s review. This means that you should never miss out on a fantastic no deposit bonus again.

Can Real Money Be Won?

So, you might be thinking that no deposit bonuses sound great, but there must be a catch. Surely it’s not possible to win on slot machines with free bonuses, is it? Well, you might be surprised to read that you can win cash from no deposit bonuses, and many people manage to do exactly that every day.

It’s not possible to withdraw the bonus straightaway though – this would lead to everyone claiming them and immediately cashing out, which would clearly be disastrous for the casino. Instead, the wagering requirements first need to be met. We’ll go into wagering requirements in more detail in the next section of this page about online slot no deposit bonuses. If you can satisfy the wagering requirements though, you’ll be able to withdraw any money you’ve won, providing there’s no cap placed on winnings.

We admit that most people will not manage to win money from a no deposit bonus, however there are some lucky enough to do so. With no risk attached to the bonuses, surely it makes sense to claim one or more of them and see if you can become one of the lucky winners?

What Terms and Conditions Are There?

All casino bonuses have terms and conditions, and this includes online slots no deposit bonuses. The most important of them to understand is a bonus’ wagering requirements. These are expressed as a multiple, such as 35x, and tell you how many times the bonus has to be wagered before a withdrawal is possible. For example, those claiming a real money slots no deposit bonus worth $20 would have to make a total of $700 of bets if the bonus had 35x wagering requirements.

You’ll also find that many no deposit bonuses have a cap on winnings, although the best ones won’t. A cap means that you can only withdraw up to a certain amount won from the bonus. For example, there might be a cap of $100 and anything you win over this sum will be forfeited back to the site. This can be frustrating, but many casinos do this in order to protect themselves from losing large amounts of money from no deposit bonuses.

Finally, you should also find the bonus’ expiry date. All bonuses will have one, and if you fail to meet the wagering requirements by the time the expiry date arrives, you’ll find the bonus money, as well as everything you’ve won from it, disappearing. No deposit bonuses can have very short expiries, which can catch some people out, so be sure to check this before claiming a bonus.

Why Do Casinos Offer No Deposit Bonuses?

One thing you might be wondering is this: why would an online casino give free money to their players? Well, the answer is a simple one: by giving free money to players, they attract more people to their site. They know that some people will win some money from a no deposit bonus, however most won’t manage to. These players will then often make a deposit of their own, meaning that the casino is now making money from them, and not losing money.

Just think of it in terms of a physical casino. They might give free drinks to a player all night, which is costing them money. By doing so though, they’re persuading this player to keep playing at their venue and continue spending their money there. Sometimes in business, you have to spend money to make money!

Find a Top No Deposit Bonus Today!

Now you know all about claiming a free online slots bonus with no deposit required, you just need to find the site offering the best one. To do this, you should head over to our reviews, all of which look at the bonuses offered by a casino. You can then pick the best bonus for you and see if there’s any online or mobile slots no deposit code required. It’s then simply a case of heading to the casino and signing up. You can then start playing fantastic real money slots without having to deposit anything!