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Betting on Sports VS Gambling Online Casino

Betting on sports and gambling in an online casino have both their advantages and disadvantages. We explain these advantages and disadvantages and set them against each other when it comes to betting on sports and gambling in an online casino. 

Author: Manyspins Published: October 8, 2021 Last update: July 15, 2022

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Betting on sports has been around for centuries, it all started with betting on horse races. Now, several centuries later, it is possible to gamble online on all kinds of sports disciplines, no sport is too crazy to bet on. The number of users of online gambling on sports is only increasing, it is extremely popular.
The market of betting on sports is in full development, especially in the Netherlands at the moment. More and more betting on sports and gambling websites are being allowed. As a result, there are also comparison sites where different betting websites are compared. One of the largest comparison and review websites in the betting market in the Netherlands is This website can be very useful if you don’t know where to start.

Besides betting on sports gambling in an online casino is also very popular, more about this in the next paragraph.

Gambling online casino 

Gambling at online casinos has become extremely popular since the advent of the World Wide Web, you don’t have to go to a land based casino to play your favourite game. The selection of games offered by online casinos is enormous, the games are endless and you never get bored. Online casinos are used all over the world and the number of users keeps growing.  

It has become clear that betting on sports and gambling in an online casino are both enormously popular, but what consideration do you make if you’re going to bet on sports or if you’re going to use an online casino? In the following paragraph, we’ll outline some of the advantages and disadvantages for both markets.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on sports and gambling online casino

Both markets have many advantages, but also some disadvantages. In this section, we’ll outline the advantages and disadvantages and explain how they compare.

Betting on sports


  • When betting on sport, you can prepare well for a match. There are many statistics available. 
  • The betting markets are huge. There are many different betting markets on which you can place your bets. Don’t like something? No problem, there is always something you feel comfortable betting on. 
  • You can bet live on sports. For example, you can bet your money on a team winning when they are already 2-0 up, this way you will almost always make a profit.


  • When betting on sports, it takes some time before you know whether you have lost or won.
  • If you’re not willing to take risks when betting on sport, your odds are often very low and so are your potential winnings.

Gambling online casino 


  • When you gamble at an online casino, you know almost immediately after you have placed your bet whether you have won or lost. 
  • When you gamble at online casinos, the odds are high, for example in roulette you get your bet x 36 if it falls on a number you have bet on.
  • The range of games is huge, there is always a game that you like. 


  • When gambling at an online casino, you cannot prepare yourself, so you have no influence on the game.
  • Gambling at online casinos sometimes requires a minimum amount of money to be played.