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A Guide: Gambling Strategies

Whilst it’s impossible to guarantee a life-changing win by playing online slots, there are plenty of common strategies you can incorporate into your schedule that are guaranteed to enhance your chances of regular success.

Author: Manyspins Published: April 19, 2021 Last update: July 14, 2022

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Play the Bonus Market Before Choosing a Game

The first of your top gambling strategies concerns the bonus offers that nearly all casinos offer – not the slots themselves. To encourage you to play online you’ll almost always be offered a sign-up bonus if you’re a new player, and if you win using a bonus you’ll be gambling with the casino’s money – the ultimate gambler’s dream. 

Bonuses, though, come with playthrough requirements. These are essential to prevent unscrupulous players stealing bonus cash without playing any games, but they vary between casinos – so if you choose a casino with a low turnover requirement – say around 30x – then you’ll give yourself a better chance of retaining any wins you make using the bonus. 

Bet the Maximum Amount on Progressive Jackpot Slots 

If you’ve ever watched any of our experts play online then you’ll know that one of the best streamer strategies for winning a truly stupendous jackpot is to bet the maximum permitted amount. This is because some progressive jackpot games are biased in favour of high-spending players, so your overall expected returns will be much larger if you make a few big bets than lots of smaller ones.

Use a Stop Loss Strategy

This is one of those gambling strategies that works on all types of games, not just slots. It’s simple, too: You just have to make sure you stop playing after losing a set percentage of your bankroll in any given session. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you can never play again, but you won’t return to the casino until it’s time for your next session – and by lengthening the amount of time it takes to play through your funds you’ll give yourself a chance to improve your overall loss-to-win ratio over any given time period.

Select Games with a Decent RTP

All slots development studios are obliged to publish a return-to player-statistic. This is the amount that you can typically expect to get back in winnings as a percentage of what you gamble. It’s a theoretical amount measured on the assumption that you play an infinite number of games, but gives you an excellent idea of whether you’re playing a game that’s good value for money. An RTP of 95.50% or more is generally considered to be above average, and you’ll usually see our streamed players betting on games that offer this kind of a return as a minimum.

Quit Whilst You’re Ahead

One of the best strategies of all is the very simplest. It’s easy to get carried away by the excitement of being a winner, but casinos rely on players to get overexcited and gamble their winnings back in order to turn a healthy profit. But you don’t have to play this way. Why not let other players line the casinos’ pockets, and let yourself be someone who regularly makes money instead? Casinos have to have consistent losers in order to survive, but you don’t have to be one of them!

Avoid Branded Slots

These are games themed around your favourite superhero and other popular movies and TV shows. They attract fans of those films, so the companies that develop them make them fairly poor value for money much of the time. If you’re desperate to play branded games, at least check the RTP first. Seasoned players tend to avoid branded games and go for slots that provide good returns and plenty of excitement, not whose face appears on the reels. 

These are just a few basic concepts to give you more confidence. Watch streamed sessions of some of the top players and you could see some of our tips in action. You’ll then be able to fully understand them before adding them to your portfolio of skills.