One of the fastest-growing online casino live stream channels of the past two years, Daskelelele is not a solo casino streamer. It’s actually two people, Jack and Phillip, who currently reside in Malta. Hugely popular on Twitch and YouTube, the Daskelelele channel is successful for many reasons.

The streaming duo offers the perfect blend of high stakes and low stakes excitement, meaning that there’s something for everyone. While Jack started the Daskelelele name, the addition of Philip has proven to be a decision that was definitely the right one. These days, Phillip is the one you’ll tend to see more on the streams as Jack sticks to the background work, and it’s a recipe that’s working better than ever.

What is Daskelelele like to watch?
When Phillip is streaming, it’s hard to find a casino streamer who is calmer or kinder. Not only does he engage with as many people as he can, but he also does so with insights that make him perfect for new viewers and for those planning to play some slots themselves. Jack is a little less calm, but that’s because he focuses more on the high stakes games while Phillips tries to stick to those low-roller strategies. Their playing styles are very different, with Phillip more likely to play it safe while staying chilled out, while Jack can be more volatile.

This combination of strengths is the key to their popularity. One major difference between the pair is that Phillip sticks solely to slots, while Jack is also known to play roulette and other casino games.

The Biggest Daskelelele Win
There have been two standout moments on the Daskelelele channel. In September 2019, Jack was playing a high stakes game on Big Time Gaming’s Bonanza slot. He was typically playing at €20 per spin, but the potential losses were immediately forgotten with an impressive €100,800 win. However, you might consider Phillip’s February 2020 win to be much more impressive. With bets of just €3, Phillip managed to pick an €8,000 win! Not everyone can be a high roller, so seeing Daskelelele win huge successes with both playing styles has been incredibly encouraging for new players.

The Daskelelele online casino live stream channel is always fun to watch, and it’s ideal for those viewers looking for a more sedate and calming experience. Even when he wins, Phillip remains the height of calm, although Jack can get very emotional at times. But with such high stakes gambling that’s to be expected. Put the pair together, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for success, and it’s no wonder that Daskelelele continues to attract new followers and fans every day. The frankness, honesty, friendliness, and sincerity of both of these extremely likable slot streamers are only going to take them to greater heights.

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