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Casino Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

Playing online slots and table games from the comfort of your own home is brilliant fun, but sometimes we all get the urge to dress up and visit a real-life casino to experience the extra glamour, buzz and excitement that only an upmarket night out can provide.

Author: Marino May 11, 2021

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Some people are slightly wary of doing this for the first time as it’s not always clear how you’re meant to behave. When you arrive and everyone seems to know what they’re doing it’s easy to feel intimidated and assume there’s a long list of unwritten casino etiquette rules – but actually it’s easy to fit in and look like a regular right from your first visit.

1. Look the Part

Whilst most casinos will let you turn up and play in jeans and a t-shirt, many players see a trip to the casino as a chance to enjoy a full-on James Bond-style night out – so it’s always worth going the extra mile and donning some suitable evening wear. You won’t look out of place even if those around you haven’t made the effort, and you’ll look fabulous when you post photos of yourself at the tables on social media.

2. Don’t Drink Too Much

This tip may seem blindingly obvious, but some casinos like to offer complimentary or cut-price drinks to encourage you to gamble liberally. It’s tempting to overdo it, but going overboard will only increase the chances of you burning through your bankroll and waking up the following morning with a sore head and a correspondingly large dent in your bankroll.

3. It’s OK to Play Slots

Most of us love to play online slots, but the image of real-life casinos as ritzy, high-end joints aimed at the super rich puts many players off when they fancy a few rounds on their favourite slot. There’s no need to feel that way, though. Whilst the media like to show all casino visitors sat at tables making polite conversation in their best outfits, in reality many people like to play slots. There’s no need to learn any complex rules or suffer any first-time nerves, and the amounts you can win usually equate to the prizes on offer on the best online slot machines, so you could win enough to join the jet set for real.

4. Tip Your Dealer

If you score a big win, it’s considered polite to give a thank-you to your dealer. There’s usually no need to worry about any potentially embarrassing protocol errors here as you simply put your tip chips into a clearly marked slot on the table – after which you’ll be thanked verbally, though it often doesn’t end there. Tip your dealer when a gaming floor supervisor is looking and you’ll often find that free drinks mysteriously start being offered to you, potentially saving you more than you tipped.

5. Leave Your Phone Alone

Our final piece of crucial casino etiquette advice concerns something that’s becoming increasingly problematic in recent times, and that’s players being distracted by their phones whilst at a gaming table. This is plain rude, showing a lack of regard for both the dealer and your fellow players. What’s more, you won’t play to your optimal ability either, so whatever else you do, turn the phone off before sitting down to gamble.

These are just a few handy tips to get you started, but above all it’s always worth remembering that casinos want you to enjoy yourself so that you’ll come back for more. If you’re unsure about something the best approach is to confidently announce that you need assistance rather than try and muddle your way through proceedings. In our blog page, you are able to find more tips and strategies that might help you! Everyone remembers their first time playing at a casino, and you’ll find that you become very popular around the table if you open up and be honest.